Friday, 21 August 2009


I'm Charles Hallifax and I am the owner of , which is a subsiderary of - specialists in personalised travel design services. I have lived and worked in Chile since 1989, having seen the country transform from a military dictatorship through to a democratically-elected president. Chile is a stunningly beautiful country that offers jaw-dropping geographic scenery, friendly people, a great climate in its central region, lovely wines, tasty fruit and vegetables and will offer anyone visiting an experience to remember.

I spend a lot of my perosnal time travelling around the country as well as Argentina, to check up on hotels for their comfort and services and to make sure that we can offer them to our clients with confidence. I also spend time trying out excursions. It is very important to us that we know what we are offering our clients and this is why inspect products and services on a regular basis. Yes it is nice to do so, but it is also very tiring work!

We work with the normal rates that hotels charge and we then charge a small 1.5% fee of the total cost and add that to the total. For the refugos in torres del paine we do add a small margin too in order for our service to be viable.

I am always around for questions and will answer them if I have time.

Please come to our web sites and see what we can offer you: and

By the way, I am off to Easter Island in October on an inspection trip, so check out this post later in October and see what I have written.

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  1. very interesting. i have also seen and that you are behind.